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Are you looking to feel better, be healthier and join a friendly, supportive community? Then sign up today! We are a locally and woman owned small business committed to providing outstanding service, individualized attention and bringing people together whether you are in the studio or joining us virtually.


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Welcome To Bikram Yoga Catonsville

Welcome! We look forward to having you as part of our community. All classes are designed for beginners so choose a class that works with your schedule. Doors open 15 minutes prior to class. You will need to fill out a registration form. Please arrive on time. Doors lock 5 minutes prior to class time.

Tips to prepare for your class

Drink plenty of water before you come. Prepare to sweat!

Avoid eating 2 hours before class. If you feel like you need something, drink some coconut water or eat a small piece of fruit.

Wear form fitting, but comfortable clothes. Shorts and a tank top or shorts and a bra top are common but please dress to your comfort level.

You will need a yoga mat, bath sized towel, and water.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We are here to help. Email us

Covid-19 Policies/Procedures

  • Masks are optional.
  • Showers/locker rooms/changing areas are available. 
  • Space is limited. Please register for all classes in advance. Late cancels (less than 4 hours prior to class) are subject to a $10 charge.  No shows are subject to a $20 charge.


Please email for any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Select your classes and get in touch with your body today!

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what we offer

Yoga Classes

All yoga classes currently offered are traditional 90 minute Bikram Yoga classes. Private and small group instruction is available. Email Lynne here with questions and to schedule.Please see the “about” section for more info.


PyroPilates is a low-impact, high-intensity class that increases deep core strength, flexibility and stability. This is a dynamic class that will complement your Bikram 90-minute practice! With HIIT incorporated, you will continue to keep your metabolic rate higher for hours after class. Similar to our Bikram series, pyroPilates is an all-levels and all-ages class that can be accessible to all.

Virtual Library

We are building our virtual library so you can access classes anytime from anywhere. There are also tutorials to give you tips on things you may have questions about during class but don't always remember when you leave. If you've done this for any amount of time, you know what "yoga brain" is. This is included with all unlimited memberships and you can also purchase it separately. Click the link below!

Massage Therapy

Bikram Yoga Catonsville’s owner, Lynne Farrell, has been a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years. She incorporates a range of massage modalities into each of her individualized massages. Whether you are looking to relieve sore muscles, or need some overdue stress relief, she will help with whatever your body and mind need. Massage is an excellent complement to your Bikram Yoga practice. Please contact here today to schedule your appointment.


Join our teacher Christina in Martinsburg,West Virginia from June 15th-18th as she co-hosts a yoga retreat! Only a few spots remain. To learn more go to

Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a teacher? We offer a unique mentorship program where you work individually with the staff to become a teacher. We work with your schedule.

Questions? Email Lynne here.


about bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga is a scientific and therapeutic form of hatha yoga done in a heated room. It includes 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises to give you a meditative and challenging experience. This system works every part of your body and is restorative so you can do it on a daily basis. Experience the amazing benefits for yourself today!

The Studio

Conveniently located 10 minutes south of downtown Baltimore and 10 minutes north of BWI airport. We are easy to find with tons of parking. Please be aware our studio is on the second floor with no handicapped access. Our front door is located between Red Hot Seafood & Poke and The Beauty Store.

The Heat

It's healthy for you!
We use Prestyl FAR infrared panels. FAR infrared has been found to eliminate heavy metals, poison, and carcinogenic material from our bodies. It increases blood flow and relieves sore muscles. It increases enzyme activity in the digestive tract, boosts metabolism, and heals scars (and this before you even do yoga!).

It's good for the environment!
When you practice in our studio: you leave a minimal carbon foot print. Our heat uses 50% less energy than a traditional forced air heating system. 

Our HVAC for the yoga room is a breath of fresh air.  Literally! We have a UV light air filter that kills bacteria when circulating the air in and out of the yoga room.  We also have an ERV unit that sucks out CO2 and pumps in fresh oxygen without disrupting the temp of the room. 


Virtual Recorded Library

Access our catalog of recorded classes and tutorials anytime
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In-Studio Drop-In

Join us for just one class in our state of the art studio with knowledgable teachers
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Virtual Unlimited

Join live classes on Zoom and access our virtual library anytime
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In-Studio + Virtual Unlimited

Enjoy unlimited live studio, virtual and recorded classes anytime
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  • I have been going to BYC since they opened 2.5 years ago. I have never had a bad experience there. In fact, I always feel great after every class. The teachers are top notch and always give good corrections to my postures without being pushy. The place is always spotless because the staff works hard to keep it that way.
  • I travel quite a bit for work and while I am biased as this is my home studio and the teachers are spectacular, this is THE BEST place to call HOME! We at Bikram Yoga Catonsville have a special family relationship, come join us, you will NOT regret it!
  • I am celebrating my two year anniversary at this yoga studio, though I started practicing Bikram almost 12 years ago. I have also visited many different studios around the country, and two in other countries! This studio is superior in many ways.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio. Great teachers. So friendly and welcoming. It just feels like home. Super clean and temps are always steady. And the fellow Yogi's are the best. Everyone knows your name. Best studio to start and/or continue your practice.

Meet our September Yogi of the Month, Michelle!

This practice is for someone who has never done any physical activity. It's also for long time practitioners like Michelle! Some of us have been doing this for so long, it's just become some of the fabric of our being. It's like taking vitamins to those of us like Michelle. We aim to do it daily. When we miss a day, we know there's a class to get back to tomorrow. It's just part of what works. We all need these things in our lives. Read how these 90 minutes are a daily time to incorporate mind, body and spiritual health to her..

"How do you show up for yourself? Have you ever had to recover from a place of debilitating pain, injury, surgery or face crippling anxiety or depression? I have. Distinct parts of my life have been filled with overwhelm and regret, where shame and bitterness were all I could see, where grace, kindness and forgiveness for myself and others was lost and forgotten. How do you battle back from such a place and regain peace, clarity, and self respect?

What tools do I use to battle back? Nothing profound. Getting enough sleep and eating what fuels my body to be at its best, drinking enough water, heart to hearts and deep belly laughs with real friends, ice baths and therapy, journaling and prayer. All this helps. There is however one constant that has been my saving grace for over a decade now, a safe harbor from the storm you may say and that has always been a consistent yoga practice and the community I have found while practicing.

This 26 and 2 practice over the years we have come to know and love (or love to hate). A sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises when done twice and practiced in a heated room (105f, 40% humidity) with intention, mindfulness and community helps optimize my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health so that I can be at my best for myself and others, despite my struggles and limitations.

The first time I showed up for class over a decade ago, I wasn’t convinced it was for me. I couldn’t imagine how hot yoga could fulfill my need for a challenge and yet at the same time bring me peace and exhilaration. By the end of class, I was hooked. I felt truly accomplished and exhilarated ready to learn everything I could about this sequence. At the same time, I felt more centered and grounded and in a state of deep relaxation. So, I went back. And, I went back. I kept going just about every day and this predictable set of postures healed my back pain and my insomnia! (Just ask Kyle, she was one of the reasons I kept on coming back - way back then. An amazing teacher both then and now.) Showing up consistently, I found the heat melting my tight muscles which then allowed me to relax. The heat also worked to cleanse every organ, every system, every cell in my body while resetting my spine and nervous system, calming my mind and boosting my spirits.

I took Christina’s class last night which was amazing! Her calming presence and nurturing cues you have to experience for yourself. Focusing my attention on the teacher’s guiding cues, my mind quieted down and I settled into a moving meditation being present in the moment and reminding myself to embrace challenges as they arise. 

At Bikram Yoga Catonsville, a locally and woman owned small business, you will find a supportive community and a studio focused on delivering a clean, safe environment while bringing people together whether you are coming in person or virtually. If you choose to practice in studio, you will be surrounded by support and individualized attention, guided by a teacher committed to meet you where you are and guide you on a journey where you break free to a new level of health and wellness that is just right for you. 

We live in a beautiful, messed up world. And right now, the world needs us to show up at our best for those we love and those we lead. Come check out the Original Hot Yoga and the mission to help as many people as we can during this one life we’ve been blessed to live. Visit Lynne, Kyle, Christina, Kim, Erin, Mike and Edward at BYC and see how this yoga practice can enrich your life. There really is something in it for everyone. 🙏🏼❤️"

With love & gratitude,