Cynthia Rodriguez

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2012. Kyle Kessenich was my first teacher ever, it is probably a good thing she wasn’t too hard on me Day 1. For me, finding yoga was finding a way to deal with anxiety and heal old injuries. I did not anticipate it would be become a place I would meet lifelong friends that I now consider chosen family. I went to training in Fall 2013 in Los Angeles with the OG man himself, and have been teaching ever since. The thing I love about this yoga is that everyone can do it, and it will complement your life in many different ways. The series can be modified to fit pretty much every type of person. The physical and mental benefits of practicing are a grounding practice, and regardless of what a person is looking for they will leave class with some sort of benefit. As busy as life gets, even a little bit of yoga goes a long way. Bikram yoga is the type of lifelong practice that can ebb and flow just like life’s ups and downs, and the hot room will always be there when you most need it.