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Doors open 30 minutes before class and studio closes 30 mintues after class. For 6am classes, doors open 15 minutes prior. Doors are locked during class.

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Bikram Yoga Catonsville offers 90 minute classes in a heated room for a therapeutic and challenging experience designed for every body.

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student of the month

photo of June, December student of the month, in camel posture

Meet our December Student of the Month, June!

Some people celebrate Christmas in July, we’re celebrating June in December! As soon as June walked in to our studio, we knew she was going to be part of our yoga family. She is eager to learn what her body can do and we are eager to help her navigate her ability. Having scoliosis and metal rods in her spine have previously led her to teachers and other medical professionals telling her her body can’t or won’t do certain things. Our focus is always leading a student to safely do everything they can to be as healthy as possible. Often people are hesitant to take class because they think they can’t do the postures, but really, we use these postures to help us feel better in our bodies. Read more about her experience in her own words and be inspired to give it a try, or motivated to keep coming:

“Hi Bikram Yoga Catonsville Family,

Let me start by saying I gave myself the gift of Bikram Yoga about 8 months ago, however I was lucky enough to find this specific studio just 3 months ago. I am a baby Bikram Yoga student with scoliosis, a fused back and Herrington rods down my back. Yikes…but I was given a I can do attitude and I was lucky to find a you can do it attitude Bikram Yoga studio. Yes…I feel lucky that I found this studio for several reasons but let me list the top 3 reasons:

1. The instructors are dedicated , knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun. It is obvious they care about their students. They know how to give feedback and encouragement to every person in the class. I hear them every time we are in class as they give personal feedback to individuals throughout the class to help them achieve their goals. They know how to encourage us to do our best. Personally, I appreciate every correction they give me. It’s a true gift as not every studio has instructors who are focused on helping you grow and develop your skills. I feel that I have partners in the instructors, in figuring out how to keep my back and body healthy. Not the scoliosis or the Herrington Rods will keep this team from helping my body stay strong!!!!! We are constantly trying to figure out the best way to achieve a specific posture with the bending limitations of my fused back.

2. I love what this studio has done for my mind and body. As I have focused on my form, my figure has changed. I came for the mental aspect of Bikram Yoga and an added bonus has been that my body looks and feels younger.

3. I love the liked minded people in the studio. They are becoming part of my life and I miss their energy when I can’t make it to class. By the way, I have never woken up at 5am to make it to a 6am class in my life! But now I do.!!! Those days that I have a full plate, I love being able to come in at 6 am and make my day start off “right”.

4. I am thankful that I found this Bikram Yoga studio as it has and will continue to enhance my life.

Thank you and namaste!!!”