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Bikram Yoga Catonsville offers 90 minute classes in a heated room for a therapeutic and challenging experience designed for every body.

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student of the month

Courtney, Student of the Month, April 2019

Meet our April Student of the Month, Courtney!

She’s the queen of the 6am! You can expect to find her right in front of the “fireplace” where it’s known to be the hottest spot in the room. She doesn’t need a challenge to come to class. She drags herself to our studio every single day if she’s in town to undo damage from injuries she sustained years ago and to keep herself sane and moving from a high stress job that involves lots of driving. She practices wherever she travels, and even drives about 30 miles to get to our studio. She knows she’ll get consistent heat and individualized instruction by teachers who care and understand what she needs to heal from past injuries and keep her able to do other activities she enjoys. Read more in her own words:

Let me be crystal clear, I am a MESS. A mess in more ways than one! But any of you who I have had the pleasure to practice with have known this a while. If I didn’t have humor about my ailments, it would be sad. Very sad!

20 years ago while training for a Marathon I was hit by a car, left with a shattered pelvis and years of fun ahead of me as my body learned to deal with the way I healed. Chronic hip and pelvis issues, sciatic, just a MESS. As I continued to push through marathon after half marathon I refused to listen to doctors that told me to SLOW DOWN. And what do you know, I ended up in an Orthopedics’ office with stress fractures in both tibias. What did I do you ask? I kept running. I lived on the beach in San Diego, of course, and I just kept running. When the threat came that if I continue to run I will be in cast from my ankles to my butt, one threat after the other, the light bulb finally went on and I listened. As my ortho suggested Bikram Yoga, I giggled, “Yoga, come on, I am an athlete.” Then off to laugh at this thing called Bikram Yoga I went. When I walked out, 90 minutes later, I thought to myself “Sufficient Ass-Kicking delivered.” And so the love/hate affair started. Yoga EVERY DAMN DAY! I fell head over heels in love (with the Man of my dreams) and back to the east coast I went. Soon after I met Lynne…and my OTHER Love/Hate Affair started.

I was able to schedule my life around Lynne’s teaching schedule and 9+ years ago the journey began. I continued to run, sometimes I think I did it just so Lynne could ‘fix’ me /JK. On April 9th it will be my four year anniversary to my first knee surgery, ACL/Medial and Lateral Meniscus. With her spice stool in hand, Lynne arrived at my house 4 days after surgery to check on me and work on my knee. Day 9, I was back in the Yoga room, with my borrowed little person stool. And within 30 days I was back at it 100% on my own. I will never forget walking back in that room 9 days later, with my crutches. I am not sure who cried more when I was able to stand on my surgically repaired leg for the first time and LOCK MY F’ing KNEE, me or Lynne. My good knee recently tore so when you hear me grimace, well… But NO surgery in this girls future…Yoga heals! And yes, I still run and I get no sympathy from any of my teachers! Well, maybe Edward but shhhhh…

I have recently added Crossfit to my daily routine. Let’s be honest, when I hit 45 it all started to go downhill, haha. I absolutely love Crossfit. And I am finding it, in addition to my daily Bikram, is a great compliment. I am getting stronger, more SORE, and my flexibility has gone a bit but I am getting stronger and really feel that along with my yoga, it will keep me vital and strong. I have always been very athletic, but I have also been really weak so this is giving me a different perspective. I see and feel new muscles every day. Yoga is tough, very tough work and I have an enormous amount of respect for anyone who walks in that room, especially our room! I am seeing an entirely new practice with different muscles. And now Kyle will sufficiently kick my…and look for those muscles. Can’t wait!.

My other life, I am on the road 3-5 days a week, if not in a car with usually a 2+ hour commute each way to DC or NOVA. I am planes, city to city…so my body doesn’t exactly love my lifestyle. But, I always find time for yoga. I am a 6am staple because it is rare my schedule allows the flexibility during the day. I always find time when I travel to do yoga and/or hit the gym. We only have one body, got to make the best with what we have been given.

I am passionate about what I do, my incredible work family, and I support our Men and Women in uniform and I am proud every day about our ability to contribute to keeping our Warfighters and Veterans safe through Technology. And Clearly I am in Sales so I am surrounded by amazing people that make me look like I know what I am doing. And Yes, I routinely drag my guys to yoga on the road!

This journey has taught me patience (I am sure many of you know me will find that comical but imagine if I didn’t practice every day!!). It has taught me that I don’t always have to be perfect. For years, holding my head to my knee until (Cynthia) would let me fall out to see how long I could hold it was so important to me. Today, I am only straightening my leg a few times a week because my teachers are working on different things to help my ‘injury of the week’ heal. My body changes every day and I have learned to cut myself some slack!! Just get in the DAMN room and the rest will take care of itself!!

Lynne has deemed me the baby giraffe for years and quite honestly it’s the best description of my body. Watch a new baby giraffe learn how to walk, wobbly, unstable, it will remind you of ME.

For me a day without Yoga is a tough day. I practice every day and it’s not remotely pretty or graceful. Some days it just HURTS and it’s all that I can do to get in that room and have one of my Yoga brothers or sisters hold me up…sometimes Physically! You know who you are. We have a diverse group of teachers who teach me something new every day. I couldn’t continue this journey without you! I love You! We have all been extremely blessed to have incredible teachers, and a badass supportive community at Bikram Yoga Catonsville. I am incredibly humbled by every single one of our Yoga family.

Yoga has saved me; emotionally, mentally and physically. To Lynne and Frank aka “Pots”, I am so happy for you and so proud of you. It’s been one hell of a journey and I love you both!”