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Doors open 30 minutes before class and studio closes 30 mintues after class. For 6am classes, doors open 15 minutes prior. Doors are locked during class.

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Bikram Yoga Catonsville offers 90 minute classes in a heated room for a therapeutic and challenging experience designed for every body.

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student of the month

Frank, Student of the Month, June 2019

Meet our June Student of the Month, Frank!

Frank is every reluctant student who never made his health a priority. He’s always been the fun beer guy everyone loves having around, but unfortunately that was to his own detriment. He didn’t fall in love with the yoga the way many of our students do. He didn’t even start practicing on his own accord. The spotlight of this studio is reserved for the students but Frank’s transformations can’t be ignored any longer. He is truly inspiring. He’s the reason this studio exists. He co-owns the studio and recently took a new job with the Special Olympics after being in the beer industry for 22 years. He is taking his fun-loving genius and using it for the greater good of the world. No matter where you are in your life, you can always start a new path. You never know where it might take you! Read more in his own words and check out his before and after pictures:

Imagine a life of gluttony; eating and drinking whatever you craved. Exercise was more of an occasional meet up with friends while my weight gain was pushing the boundaries of traditional clothing stores, all while thinking “I’ll diet and get back in shape soon.” Days turn into weeks, then into years… Certainly a doctor telling you that you have Type 2 diabetes and uncontrollable blood pressure would be the reality check that would put you on a new path? For some maybe, but not for me. It took meeting the love of my life and making a promise sealed with a kiss as a contingency on our new business venture to start my new journey beyond gluttony.

The agreement: I would attend a minimum of two classes every week. I thought that after we opened and things were going well, Lynne wouldn’t hold me to it. She did! And eventually self-motivation, results, and the desire to live a longer, healthier life would ultimately get me to where I am 2 years later. For the beginners, it was not easy and each class all I could think about was how many postures are left and if I would be able to make it the full 90 minutes, but then class is over and you get that post yoga charge. You feel that sense of pride, the feeling of community with your fellow friends you went to battle with – and won. It’s that great night’s sleep and general healthier, happier feeling that keeps me going back. I now crave the post Bikram Yoga feeling much more than the post pizza and beer cravings and it is certainly more fulfilling.

The results: So far I have lost over 30lbs since this journey began, but so much more important than weight are the other numbers. I was recently reduced to a minimal dosage of diabetic medication with probable elimination in the next 90 days. My blood pressure is in a comfortable daily target range and other vitals are where they need to be. My waist is 6 inches less and that XXL wardrobe was donated to make way to slim fit shirts and coats. Some of you have noticed and commented about the large scar on my left shoulder. That is the result of a complete humeral fracture which left me with a large plate and eleven screws and a prognosis of 70% range of motion with limited strength after a full year of recovery and physical therapy. My left shoulder is currently at a 90% range and I am even able to lift weight. Bikram Yoga has given me results that traditional doctors and medicine could not achieve and have a hard time acknowledging. I would not have gotten to this point of my journey without this community, and especially my honeypot, Lynne. See you in the hot room!

I love you all!”