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Doors open 30 minutes before class and studio closes 30 mintues after class. For 6am classes, doors open 15 minutes prior. Doors are locked during class.

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Bikram Yoga Catonsville offers 90 minute classes in a heated room for a therapeutic and challenging experience designed for every body.

Great Staff, amazing experience, so glad I joined this community

student of the month

Michael and Lalinda, Couple of the Month for February, 2019

Meet Lalinda and Michael, our February Students of the Month!

Every February we like to choose a couple in honor of Valentine’s Day. Lalinda and Michael are the sweetest couple you will ever meet. If you’ve flown Southwest, you’ve probably run into Lalinda at the airport and if your cat has been stuck in a tree, fireman Michael probably came to rescue it. They’re our biggest cheerleaders; always bringing new people to class and pressuring all of their friends and family to experience the amazing benefits Bikram Yoga has to offer. Read more in their own words:

Lalinda says:
“My Bikram Yoga journey started over 7 years ago when my best friend, Lily, wanted to go to The Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga. I knew that I needed to learn the poses before the event and after the event, my yoga practice is still going strong. I am even happier when practicing yoga together for over a year with my husband, Michael, at Bikram Yoga Catonsville.

I want to thank you, Lynne, Frank, the teachers and yogis. You make Bikram Yoga Catonsville a special and unique community. We are so grateful to be a part of the community. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Michael says:
My Bikram Yoga journey started many years ago after my wife went with her friend. My wife knew I was trying to stay in shape after retiring from the Army and now working for the Fire Department and nothing kept interest in continuing a daily routine. I took one class and was hooked.

My life got busy and I could not get to class working late and couldn’t make time to drive to a class with my wife. For many years I did not practice until I noticed that there was a new Bikram Yoga studio less than 4 min from our house. My wife went in November of 2017 and told me it was “so good” and “was better than ever”. In December 2017, I went to their holiday party and met some my new fellow yogis. Everyone was so nice!

In February of 2018, I started to realize that I was going to retire from the Fire Department in 2020. I needed to keep my mind and body in some shape. My mind was all over the place nothing would work. My wife said, “Bikram Yoga will fix it”. So in February, I took my new first class and it was WOW! I was sold hook, line and sinker. This studio is so awesome! My wife and I love practicing yoga together. It’s our little time together.

My buddies at the firehouse all know I do Bikram Yoga and see that it is keeping me in shape, my knees are better than ever and my mind is better than ever. When they talk about working out they all know my answer is Bikram Yoga will help and it a great place to start.

I thank my wife for showing me the way back to Bikram Yoga. It so fun to practice yoga with her! It is the best part of my day!

Thanks to all my fellow yogis.