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Bikram Yoga Catonsville offers 90 minute classes in a heated room for a therapeutic and challenging experience designed for every body.

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photo of Matt and Katie, February 2020 students of the month, in camel posture

Meet our February Students of the Month Katie and Matt!

Katie and Matt know a thing or two about working out. They’re swolemates! But this isn’t to talk about their gym workouts. Every February, we highlight a couple who both do yoga. If you’re in a relationship, you know how hard it is to get them to join you in class. Katie knows what it’s like to keep hoping and waiting for Matt to join her in class. Well, he finally did and here they are, still going to yoga together. Katie and Matt have such infectious energy and always bring fun and intensity into the yoga room. They are such an integral part of our community! Read below how these gym rats made their way to the yoga room:


“This year will be my 10 year Bikram Yoga anniversary. I started with a week pass that I purchased from Groupon and took two classes in Harbor East a week before starting a new job. I didn’t love Bikram Yoga from the start like some. After those two classes, I didn’t go back until 4 months later when I was going to PT for the pain in my knees and a coworker convinced me to go with her to the Annapolis studio. She swore it would help my knee pain and that if I went to three classes I would love it, but I had to commit to three. She was right. After that third class I canceled the rest of my PT appointments and signed up for a monthly membership. I was completely hooked. My knee pain was easing, i was able to run again, I was losing weight and I also saw benefits in my mental health. I had the clarity to see what others around me saw for a long time and I wouldn’t hear it. 4 months after starting a regular yoga practice, I left my husband.

The timing could be completely coincidental, but I don’t think so. This yoga is a time commitment and my husband at the time would voice his annoyance at the hours I was gone while practicing 2-4 times per week. That is only one instance where his needs seemed more important than mine and it was a true wake up call, one that I’m glad happened when it did. On my own I increased my yoga attendance since I didn’t have to run home to get dinner on the table. I ran a few half marathons, competed in fitness competitions and even a yoga competition! The Annapolis studio was really big on having their students compete and I found that to be a challenging experience. I loved watching some of those yogis in class practicing third sets of advanced postures and I was hell bent on doing them too. These days though, ten years later, I’m pretty happy if I make it through third part of Awkward. Age and consistent abuse on my body has taken a bit of a toll and I’m glad that I found this yoga when I did. I’m sure I would be much worse off if I never had come back. I also super grateful for Lynne and Kyle and their watchful eye on my postures to make sure I don’t do anything to make it worse and for teaching me it’s okay to have to go back to basics to get it right. And of course, Matt. My ride or die and swolemate. Matt and I met at the gym years ago and lived on the same block in the city. He was taking my spin classes while training for his first triathlon about 15 years ago. We became fast friends and started dating 9 months after my divorce was final. I’m writing this right now in Barbados while we celebrate our 7 year dating anniversary. It is amazing to have a partner that truly supports you, but also joins in! While we were friends and training for our own races, competitions, whatever, I tried to convince him to come to class with me. No, no, no. Finally, he said yes. I couldn’t even believe it!!”

I love that we were both selected for this together, and that this is something that the two of us share. I also love the looks Matt gets from other men when he tells them he goes to yoga. We feel truly fortunate to be in such a wonderful community of people that will hold you up no matter what you’re going through. Personally, physically, emotionally, whatever. We feel the love and support every time we step in the hot room and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Partly because it takes a certain kind of crazy to love this yoga so much and partly because we have each other’s back, inside the room and out. Love you all, thank you.”


My Bikram Yoga journey began in Nov 2015 when I finally agreed to join Katie for a class. I was looking for something to help with my terrible flexibility and to compliment my gym time and occasional ultra trainings. I quickly developed a serious love/hate relationship with the practice. I was, and still am, always looking forward to class until about 30min prior to us leaving, at which time I start to invent reasons that I may not be able to make it. I don’t know why I do this because I have never left a class wishing I hadn’t gone. I love the depleted feeling of walking out the door knowing I’ve left it all on the mat and didn’t waste the past 90min of my life.
We don’t usually practice next to each other in the room, but every time we go together, it’s our yoga date. And we talk about how our class was the whole way home and what we are struggling with. We do the same with our gym workouts, and here on vacation, after water aerobics.”