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Bikram Yoga Catonsville offers 90 minute classes in a heated room for a therapeutic and challenging experience designed for every body.

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Barbara, Student of the Month for January, 2019

Meet Barbara, our January Student of the Month!

She’s fun, friendly and is taking the deepest breaths of her life. She’s been a staple in the 9:30 am classes and will inspire you with what she’s achieved since she joined us. Most people make a big change to their lifestyle in January. Not Barb! She started in October by quitting smoking, which is what inspired us to choose her as the student of the month. Big changes don’t need to be hard. She’s living proof! Read more in her own words:

“My Bikram Yoga journey started fourteen months ago. I had heard of hot yoga before but never thought I could do it, because of being a smoker. While talking to a friend (Rosa Maria at LA fitness) one day, she said she was going to Bikram yoga the next day. She told me the location, which is only about a six minute drive from my house. I thought, “What the heck, I love a good challenge.” I was very nervous walking in, but immediately felt comfortable. Lynne & Kyle were both behind the desk with smiling faces. I told them my concern about smoking and they reassured me I would be fine.

My first class went better than I expected. I stayed in the room the whole 90 mins and was very proud of myself. The hardest part was breathing quietly due to many years of smoking. I love going to the gym and doing cycle classes, weight training and yoga. Years ago I used to do step aerobics, which left me with an injured knee. I’ve had lower back, knee & hamstring issues for years. I stand on my feet all day and have been doing so for the past 37 years as a cosmetologist. Doing hair has injured my back (as well as the workouts), so I constantly had pain. Doing vinyasa or ashtanga yoga has helped through the years but once I discovered Bikram, it was a game changer. With the guidance of the instructors and them watching every move to make sure each person is doing the posture correctly, my back pain has improved tremendously. My knee pain has also improved and my hamstring problem is totally gone. Before long, I preferred going to Bikram over the gym. I now try to go at least four times a week if my schedule permits.

My husband and I both own our own businesses, so life can be a bit stressful at times. My husband owns a landscaping company, which I do receptionist work for eight months out of the year (along with my own hair salon). I used to go crazy with the constant emails and phone calls. This past year was very different. I did not stress or feel anxious at all. If the feeling came over me, I would take deep breaths and picture myself in the hot room and all anxiety would leave my body. I have Bikram yoga and this great community of people to thank for that.

This past October my husband and I decided to quit smoking (again). I set my quit date for after my sister’s wedding. I knew I would be drinking (which leads to craving cigarettes) and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. One day in class, Lynne made a comment about a yoga pose, “It doesn’t have to be hard.” That comment stuck in my head. I repeated that to myself about quitting smoking over and over. That became my new mantra. October 27th came and to my surprise, it was much easier than the other times I had tried quitting. The mindset is of utmost importance with any type of goal, so I thank you Lynne for helping me more than you know. I can honestly say I will never pick up a cigarette again. I still wear an occasional nicotine patch, but I’m okay with that.

I continue working on liking what I see in the mirror, and everyone here at Catonsville Bikram are very non-judgmental – that makes it easier being half-dressed. I do know that when I look in the mirror, I love the fact that a non-smoker is looking back at me.

Happy New Year to all my fellow yogis.